Katelynn: Senior Model {Class of 2015}, pt. 1 · EUGENE, OREGON {EUGENE, OREGON SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER}

Session date: May 4, 2014

Venue:  Owen Rose Garden

About 5 minutes before Katelynn’s session one early May afternoon it started to rain.  And not just a little bit… it was a downpour.  When  I arrived at the Rose Garden I  thought maybe we should just get started anyway since after all, this is Oregon, and sometimes you just have to go with it! Thankfully Katelynn was a good sport and graciously agreed to go ahead with the shoot.  We were rewarded with some fabulous pics despite the not-so-cooperative weather.   Oh, and by the way… the sun did actually make an appearance by the end of our session, just to make things even more perfect.

Katelynn is one of my 2o15 senior models so you will be seeing more photos of her and her beautiful smile in the next few months!


Meet the 2014 Senior Models

I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing young people this year in my senior model program and I just wanted you to meet them all.  Each senior will have his or her own blog post soon, but I thought I’d feature them all together, first.

If you think you, or someone you know, would like to be part of this awesome program, check out our Senior Models page.  We are kicking off our 2015 model search next month!  The deadline to apply is April 1.  Space is limited, so if you are interested, stay tuned for more details.

Now back to the models!

Here is each senior, in the order of their photo shoots.

Tayler Davis {Triangle Lake High School}


Emily Swezey {Churchill High School}


Lainey Blancher {Sheldon High School}