The Uphold Family {2012} · HARRISBURG, OREGON {Harrisburg, Oregon Family Photographer}

I had the pleasure of working with the Uphold family for one of my last shoots of 2012.

Even though it was a very chilly 37 degrees and weren’t all feeling their best, they had an incredible attitude and pulled off some amazing smiles!

It was definitely a great way to end the year.

Session Date: December 30, 2012

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Portrait session: Seattle sister

I mentioned in my last post my incredibly fun photography class at Gas Works Park in Seattle this last July.  While I was there I decided it would be a great time to take some photos of my beautiful sister-in-law, Angela.  She is an accomplished artist and aspiring photographer herself.  We are kindred spirits and I always have the best time with her.  I’m so blessed to be able to call her “sister” and  “friend”! 🙂