Katelynn: Senior Model {Class of 2015}, pt. 1 · EUGENE, OREGON {EUGENE, OREGON SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER}

Session date: May 4, 2014

Venue:  Owen Rose Garden

About 5 minutes before Katelynn’s session one early May afternoon it started to rain.  And not just a little bit… it was a downpour.  When  I arrived at the Rose Garden I  thought maybe we should just get started anyway since after all, this is Oregon, and sometimes you just have to go with it! Thankfully Katelynn was a good sport and graciously agreed to go ahead with the shoot.  We were rewarded with some fabulous pics despite the not-so-cooperative weather.   Oh, and by the way… the sun did actually make an appearance by the end of our session, just to make things even more perfect.

Katelynn is one of my 2o15 senior models so you will be seeing more photos of her and her beautiful smile in the next few months!



Venue:  Owen Rose Garden

Session date: May 19, 2013

I  joined Stacey and Miles and their adorable kids Stella and Silas for a fun day at the rose garden on a sunny May afternoon.  I met Stella and her mommy out at the farm (Wild Ones Youth Ranch) at a Buckaroos session and thought they were the coolest, sweetest family and was so happy when they asked me to take some family photos.  It really was more like a play date than a photo session, and I’m sure I had more fun than anyone!

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