Just for fun: French Flea Market

The last two posts have been about my amazing trip to Seattle to visit with my lovely sister-in-law Angela.  While there we attended a photography class at Gas Works Park and had a fun photo shoot.  Next on our agenda:  a fabulous French-inspired Flea Market in Kirkland! But first we headed to Wallingford to an amazing little cafe called Chocolati.  When I say that was the best chocolate drink I have ever had, I am REALLY not exaggerating.  Add a chocolate-covered, truffle-stuffed fig to the mix, and we were both pretty “chocolate buzzed” after that.

Now on to the flea market!  We decided to continue our photo workshop by catching some of the sweet little details in the booths and shops along the way.



It was a wonderful weekend with an even more wonderful sister!!!  Who knew learning could be so much fun.

Photography Class: Gas Works Park

In July I had the opportunity to attend a Lightchasers photography class in Seattle with my lovely sister-in-law, Angela.  We met at Gas Works park and split up to capture images of interesting industrial remnants and lovely glimpses of the Seattle skyline.  It was a great way to learn about exposure, composition, and other techniques while still enjoying the great outdoors.  I was fascinated by the different textures, shapes, and silhouettes created by this former industrial complex.  It was fun to capture tiny details that might otherwise go unnoticed.  All in all it was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to participating in some more Lightchasers classes in the future.