Alyssa {Class of 2014}, pt. 2 · Harrisburg, Oregon {HARRISBURG, OREGON SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER}

Session date:  October 6, 2013

Senior at:  Junction City High School

Here are some more photos from Alyssa’s amazing senior session.  If you recall from the first post, Alyssa is an aspiring photographer who has done senior sessions for her own friends.

As we were walking back in the woods on her family’s property (a different location than the first spot), we found a little pool that had collected after some recent heavy rains.  We decided it looked very much like something out of “Alice in Wonderland.” Alyssa had brought along a book for a prop, so this, combined with a “magic pool”, sunbeams, “enchanted glades” and even some pumpkins (well, technically squash, but close enough) created the perfect fairy tale setting for our shoot.

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Venue:  Albany Public Library

Session date:  October 27, 2013

I had the pleasure of meeting Genny at a book club meeting I was attending with my friend Anne (of Anne Nunn Photographers). A few months later she won one of the free family sessions in my 1000th fan contest. Since I am not often in Albany, I met up with her and her delightful family right after my session with the Ellis family (see their post here).  I absolutely loved Genny’s idea for a literary-themed shoot at where else but the Albany Public Library! What an absolutely fun day!