Session date:  July 9, 2014

Venue:  Owen Rose Garden

Click HERE to watch a short video about the amazing 1847 Black Tatarian cherry tree you will see in this photo shoot.

This is the story (in pictures) of a an adorable small boy and his love for his apple (the fruit, not the computer).

When Erika contacted me about taking photos for Nicholas’ first birthday I was thrilled.  I don’t get to photograph very many little ones as I am usually working with high schoolers, so this was a nice change of pace.  And what’s not to love about taking pics of an adorable little guy like this?

Erika was referred to me by her wonderful sister-in-law (Alicia) who happens to be the wife of one of my dearest college friends (Michael).  I had chatted with her several times before the shoot and was super excited to meet her.  She was originally planning on doing a cake smash to celebrate Nicholas’ first birthday, but since her husband was not going to be able to be at the session we decided on this little lifestyle shoot instead, which was so much fun!  Anyone that has spent any amount of time with an almost one-year-old knows that you should expect lot of action and adventure  during their photo session.  And there certainly was!  My favorite part of this session was watching Nicholas show off his newly acquired walking skills while at the same time thoroughly enjoying his apple!

Erika’s grandfather made this rocking horse for her when she was a baby and so we gave it a special place of honor at the photo shoot.

Thank you, Erika, for allowing me to capture some special memories of Nicholas and his big day.

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