Mariah {Class of 2013} · Eugene, Oregon {EUGENE, OREGON SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHER}

Venue:  University of Oregon and Owen Rose Garden

Session dates:  December 9, 2012 and September 1, 2013

Senior at: Churchill High School

Mariah was a senior at Churchill High School when I took the first part of her senior session on a very cold November day.  We decided we would do some more photos in the spring when the weather was nicer but ended up waiting until the summer instead (post graduation).


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The Larson Family {2012} · Eugene, Oregon {EUGENE, OREGON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER}

I love it when my clients request sessions at the University of Oregon.  It’s such a lovely campus, and as a former U of O student myself, I have many fond memories there!  This particular shoot was already special since I had known Brooke and Hannah since they were preschoolers.  We had become close friends over the years but had fallen out of touch.   I was delighted when their mom, Jolan, asked for a session!  These girls just radiate love and joy.  They are beautiful from the inside out, and it was such an honor to be able to spend time with them!

Session date: February 12, 2012

Location:  University of Oregon