Waldrop Family {2013} · Junction City, Oregon {JUNCTION CITY, OREGON FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER}

Session date:  October 5, 2013

The awesome Waldrop family won a photo session with me during the ReSoundfest this past summer.  The morning we chose for the shoot was one of the foggiest I had seen in a long time but we decided to try our luck anyway, and I’m sure glad we did!  This family is so much fun and their love for each other is obvious!  Super cute kids plus incredible parents make for an unforgettable photo shoot.

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Sessions for a Cause 2013: Hosea Youth Services

This year I am excited about supporting several local organizations that really make a difference in our community. Starting today I will be hosting a fundraiser for Hosea Youth Services, a non-profit group that provides services for homeless teens. Read all about HYS here or on their Facebook page. From now until March 1, I will donate $25 of every session fee to HYS. Also, to help them stock up on some much needed supplies, if you donate certain items (ask me for the list), I will give you a free photo package with your session! Conatact me for details. Please spread the word about this amazing organization.