Session date:  March 24, 2014

Venue:  The Grotto 

To say that these are some of my favorite people would be an understatement of magnificent proportions!  And I am supremely thankful that they trusted me to take family photos for them earlier this year.

Photographing people you love dearly is actually more challenging than you might imagine.  Wanting everything to be perfect so they are happy with the outcome becomes even more important.  Even so, I managed to relax and have a good time in the beautiful and serene setting of The Grotto.  As you can tell, they are pretty fun to be around so it wasn’t too much of a chore. And, as usual when our two families get together, utter silliness ensued (if I posted outtakes from the parking lot afterwards you would see what I mean).

Thank you, Deiss family, for loving MY family and allowing us this opportunity to create some lasting memories.

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Session date: March 8, 2014

Venue: William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge

It was a dark and cloudy day at the wildlife refuge but love was in the air!

It’s no secret that Amelia is one of my favorite people in the world so I was super excited to have the privilege of taking engagement pics for her and her wonderful fiance Phillip.  As you can plainly see they are an adorable couple and it really wasn’t very hard to catch some sweet moments between the two of them.

These two are getting married this week and I am so blessed to be able to capture their ceremony!



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