Venue: Esther Short Park

Session date: March 26, 2013

This session was a dream come true for me.  I had “met” Michelle in an online pregnancy forum almost 7 years ago when I was pregnant with my son Declan.  Since then quite a few of us have remained close (through board changes and all) and still communicate on a daily basis.  Getting to know these amazing ladies and sharing the ups and downs of every day life, as well as heartbreaks and triumphs, milestones and miracles, has been such a privilege.  Knowing I have 80 “sisters” that always have my back makes my own trials easier to bear.

Needless to say I was beyond thrilled when Michelle asked me to do pictures for her!  I combined the trip to the Portland/Vancouver area with a visit to one of my dearest friends and had an unforgettable time. Meeting Michelle’s family was such a blast! As you can see they are super cute, fun and a joy to be around.  I’m so glad I got this opportunity and am looking forward to meeting more of my online “sisters” in the future.