The Saylor Family {2013} · EUGENE, OREGON {Eugene, Oregon Family Photographer}

My first session of the year was with the incredible Saylor family. It had been quite a while since everyone had been all together in the same place, so it was the perfect time for some group shots.

We met at the Owen Memorial Rose Garden in Eugene, which was still gorgeous even on a frigid winter day.  With two parents, six siblings, and two grandchildren, there was a whole lot of merriment going on!

Thanks, Saylor family, for letting me capture some special moments for you!

Session date: January 5, 2013

Location: Owen Memorial Rose Garden

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The Uphold Family {2012} · HARRISBURG, OREGON {Harrisburg, Oregon Family Photographer}

I had the pleasure of working with the Uphold family for one of my last shoots of 2012.

Even though it was a very chilly 37 degrees and weren’t all feeling their best, they had an incredible attitude and pulled off some amazing smiles!

It was definitely a great way to end the year.

Session Date: December 30, 2012

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